Insight Recap - April 2018

Friday, 20 Apr 2018
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On the stormy evening of April the 10th, Auckland Eye's Insight 2018 evening was held at the beautiful Orakei Bay venue. Despite the extreme cyclone weather outside (a now seemly common occurrence for our Insight evenings), the event was a huge success with a great turnout. The evening's events included three interesting presentations from our doctor's Stuart Carroll, Stephen Best and Archie McGeorge. 

The evening began with a presentation by Dr Stuart Carroll about new developments in dry eye disease, including the comprehensive assessment and treatment options patients can have at Auckland Eye. Stuart introduced his topic by discussing the surprisingly high prevalence of this problem and reviewing the current understanding of dry eye pathophysiology.  He covered a range of topics including the latest evidence-based methods for diagnosis and management of dry eye.  The most important tests for this thorough evaluation include dry eye symptom questionnaires, tear osmolarity, aqueous tear production, tear film break up time, lipid layer thickness measurements using interferometry, ocular surface staining, meibography and assessment of meibomian gland expression characteristics.

Stuart's presentation reviewed the evidence for current dry eye medical treatments including lubricant drops and sprays, autologous serum, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory therapy and newer medical treatments that are being developed. He also presented the latest research regarding new effective technologies for treating dry eye, including IPL and LipiFlow, which are currently offered at Auckland Eye’s Oasis Spa. To conclude his presentation, Stuart shared with the audience what he has found useful when treating dry eye and how to streamline the workflow for dry eye patients.  Overall, due to Stuart's engaging presentation and humorous tone, "dry" was not a word to describe his presentation!

To accompany the delicious dinner that was served mid-way through the evening, Dr Stephen Best was next to present his topic on 'Systemic Medications and the Eye'. To introduce his topic, Stephen discussed the importance of noting past medical history when identifying potential ophthalmic conditions. Systematically working through the anatomy of the eye from front to back, Stephen presented a framework for potential adverse drug reactions resulting in eye conditions. Stephen then moved onto discuss a range of common and rare adverse drug reactions, which were supplemented with interesting case studies. 

Concluding the evening with another fascinating topic, our final speaker Dr Archie McGeorge presented the 'Full Thickness Macular Holes – History and Treatment Challenges'. Beginning with the history, Archie spoke about the early treatments for macular holes along with the first successful macular hole surgery. To clearly demonstrate the various stages of macular holes, Archie presented the classifications for macular holes with a series of diagrams. The audience was intrigued when Archie talked about the initial macular hole treatment, where the patient would be required to strictly sit in a strict face-down positioning for two weeks. 

Due to the fact that we are now more experienced with treating macular holes, OCT are more available and of a higher quality now and we now have better surgical visualisation and instrumentation, Archie explained that with new modern techniques in recent years, we now have much better outcomes for macular hole treatments. To end on a high note, Archie's concluded his presentation with recommendations for recurrent macular holes.

Aside from the positive feedback about the delicious gourmet dinner and dessert, we received numerous positive responses from guests at the end of the evening about the speakers and their excellent presentations. We would like to thank our Insight sponsor, Alcon, for supporting this fantastic evening. After all the overwhelming positive feedback from the night, we look forward to hosting the next Insight evening in July, which will be hosted in Takapuna with content relevant to North Shore optometrists. 

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