Paediatric patients


Our Youngest Patients

As New Zealand's centre of excellence for eye care, we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of treatment.

We are aware that it can be a little scary for our youngest patients and as such we will always provide the upmost care and attention for your child (and you).  We would be pleased to answer any questions or concerns you have during your journey with us and if it's your first visit at Auckland Eye we suggest you and your child take a look at the video below explaining what to expect when you arrive for their initial assessment.

Planning Surgery for Your Child

If your child requires surgery we will support you every step of the way. Your specialist will explain what to expect and the details of your child's surgery at your pre-surgery consultation, and then our team will work with you to select a suitable date for the procedure to take place.

You will receive a letter a week prior to your child's surgery confirming the date, time, approximate length of stay and any special instructions.

You will also receive a call one or two days before the date of surgery to verify the general anaesthesia requirements for your child's surgery and answer any other questions you may still have at this stage.

On the Day of Your Child's Surgery

We understand you and/or your child may be feeling nervous on the day of their surgery and we encourage you to bring some of their favourite toys to keep them entertained and comforted.

You will be asked to complete a consent form, if you haven't already done so at your pre-surgery consultation, which confirms that you have received all the information required to make an informed choice and that you agree to your child undergoing treatment.

You and your child will then be made comfortable as they are prepared for surgery.  You are welcome to stay with your child in the operating room at the start of the anesthetic, but you will be asked to leave the room prior to the surgery commencing.  You can then wait in our waiting room or lounge area until we are able to reunite you with your child after their surgery has been completed.  It is likely that you will be invited to join your child in the recovery area to support them as they wake up.

After your child has woken you will both be taken to the patient lounge for refreshments and to wait while your child starts feeling well enough to be discharged.  You will be given a post-operative pack, containing any relevant medications and instructions.

We urge you to ask any questions you may have during the discharge process so you feel completely at ease with what to expect once you leave.  If any concerns arise after you have gone home feel free to contact our friendly team on 0800 25 53 93.




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