A: It offers our patients a customised treatment designed to achieve independence from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of conventional LASIK with the benefits of an increased depth of focus, providing comfortable near, intermediate and distance vision.

A: Where conventional mono-vision treatments (with contact lenses or conventional LASIK) create a "reading eye" and a "distance eye" with an area of blurred vision in the intermediate range, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision extends the range of vision in each eye by customising the laser treatment to turn this 'blur zone' into a 'blend zone' for comfortable intermediate vision.

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A: If you are around 45 years of age or older, use glasses predominantly for reading and have reasonably good distance vision, or a low prescription for distance vision (such as progressive glasses) you may well be suitable.

A: The rate of possible post-operative issues is extremely low. Your surgeon will talk you through all the possible risks beforehand when you have your assessment.

A: PRESBYOND is only available in Auckland at Auckland Eye

A: At Auckland Eye PRESBYOND surgery costs $6,100 for both eyes.

A: Everyone is different, but most people find they can be back to normal the very next day – only now they don’t need glasses or contact lenses.

A: Yes, we have ample free parking available at both our Remuera and Takapuna clinics, including dedicated mobility car parks.

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