A: SMILE is being used to successfully treat -1.00 to -10.00 dioptres of myopia and up to 5.00 Dioptres of astigmatism.

A: Auckland Eye is New Zealand’s foremost centre of excellence in eyecare. As such, we were the first in Auckland to introduce this technology back in March 2015. Our surgeons have the most experience in Auckland using SMILE technology. In fact, three out of every four patients now choose SMILE.

A: The laser makes a small incision that enables the surgeon to remove a lenticular (disc-shaped) piece of the cornea – thus SMall Incision LEnticular laser – or SMILE.

A: The procedure is practically painless. Minimal pressure is put on the eye, making it more comfortable. Because it’s less invasive, recovery time is quicker too. You can be back to normal quickly, sometimes even the very next day.

A: The rate of possible post-operative issues is extremely low. Your surgeon will talk you through all the possible risks beforehand when you have your assessment.

A: Everyone is different, but most people find they can be back to normal the very next day – only now they don’t need glasses or contact lenses.

A: Auckland Eye doctors are often asked if they would have laser eye surgery themselves. There was an interesting study done in United States of America. It was carried out to find out how many eye surgeons who perform laser vision correction (refractive surgeons) would actually get it done themselves and recommend it to their immediate family members.

This survey was based on 250 surgeons with a 99.2% response rate (248 out of 250 responded) and here’s what it found: Refractive surgeons know more about refractive surgery than anybody and are very critical when it comes to risks and benefits; 107 surgeons from this group were suitable for laser vision correction and 96% of them had actually had the procedure done; 95% were completely or mostly satisfied with their outcomes; Overall more than 90% had recommended laser eye surgery to adult members of their immediate family.

So this study showed that refractive surgeons were significantly more likely to have the procedure in their own eyes than the general public. So, if laser eye surgery is good enough for eye surgeons, it’s good enough for you, right?

A: Yes, we have ample free parking available at both our Remuera and Takapuna clinics, including dedicated mobility car parks.

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