April 2017 Insight Evening

Published by Auckland Eye on Wednesday, 05 Apr 2017

Tuesday 4th April saw the first Auckland Eye Insight seminar for 2017 held at Orakei Bay.  Attendees who battled through the horrendous weather, thanks to Cyclone Debbie, were rewarded with another wonderful line up of speakers.

Auckland Eye was grateful for the fantastic support from Alcon, who were welcomed as event sponsor again. Their ongoing commitment to endorsing our educational evenings for optometrists is very much appreciated.

After a delicious dinner, Dr Justin Mora and Dr Paul Rosser joined forces to provide a comprehensive presentation on thyroid associated ophthalmopathy, thyroid eye disease and grave's disease.  Together they covered symptoms, risk factors, diagnosis and management of eye conditions that can be caused by hyperthyroidism. These included proptosis, double vision and glaucoma.

Following, a short break to serve dessert and coffee attendees were told our final speaker for the evening, Dr Sarah Welch had been earlier called to an emergency at Greenlane hospital and whilst making every effort to arrive in time for her talk, was unable to so. 

However, like the super hero she is, just as Dr Philip Polkinghorne kindly stepped up in her place, Dr Welch slipped into the room as the first slide of her presentation appeared on the screen.

Without even taking a breath,  Dr Welch then took everyone through a fascinating overview of retinal detachment. She included case studies on the various types of retinal detachment, what symptoms are considered non-urgent compared to those which should be urgently referred, and finally treatment options.

Dr Stephen Best then rounded the evening off with a thank you to everyone for braving the elements, and a reminder that our next Insight evening for all Auckland optometrists is being held on Tuesday 17th October. Hopefully the weather gods will be more accommodating for the next one!


Name tags and tables ready for everyone to arrive


Attendees enjoying the food in between presentations from Auckland Eye doctor's

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