FDA approved IOL first trialled in NZ by Auckland Eye's Dean Corbett

Published by Auckland Eye on Tuesday, 04 Oct 2016

Article by Lesley Springall (NZ Optics)

The online ophthalmological world was abuzz in August with news about the US FDA's approval of new intraocular lens (IOL) being heralded as a completely new class of IOL that provides superior vision across a broad range of distances. 

To gain FDA Approval, the Tecnis Symfony range of IOLs - it also comes in 4 toric models - was put through a barrage of international clinical trials, the first of which were carried out at our own Auckland Eye under the watchful care of refractive surgery specialist Dr Dean Corbett.
The FDA approval of the Tecnis Symfony is a big deal as it's the final approval hurdle in the development of what is an exciting, new IOL design, says Dr Corbett. "The IOL has gone ballistic in Europe and Australia as it genuinely offers something new for patients."

What makes the Tecnis Symfony uniques is its patented diffractive echlette (or blazed grating) design feature, which extends the range of vision the IOL affects, and its achromatic technology, which corrects chromatic aberration for enhanced contrast sensitivity. 

"The spread of a normal IOL is about 1.6 diopters, but the spread of Symfony is somewhere between 0.2 and 0.4 diopters, depending on which study you read, so the technology creates a more accurate lens-focusing system," says Dr Corbett. This provides a real alternative to both monofocal and multifocal IOLs especially as the Symfony's achromatic technology means the problems with multifocal IOLs at night - with some patients experiencing debilitating halos and glare - is nowhere near as sever, he says.       

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