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Custom Cataract Treatment - For your eyes only

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Because no two eyes are ever the same, Auckland Eye is pleased to offer two exciting new approaches to cataract surgery: PersonalEyes® and PersonalEyes® plus.

As you may know, a cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye that leads to reduced vision. Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens (intraocular lens or IOL) to restore your sight.

By utilising the latest diagnostic equipment, surgical techniques and lens implants, Auckland Eye can now offer a unique 'measure and match' approach to lens replacement. This means we can give you a personalised treatment plan and visual outcome that truly is for your eyes only.

If cataracts mean your vision is cloudy or blurry with poor low-light or night vision, PersonalEyes ® Custom Cataract Solutions may be the perfect solution for you.

Through a comprehensive series of personalised measurements we are able to recommend the perfect IOL to match your individual readings, so we can provide you with the best visual outcome possible.

This new approach results in clear, brighter, better quality vision with enhanced contrast, most noticeable in low light conditions such as driving at dusk, fog, drizzle, even low lighting at restaurants.

  • Custom-designed to suit you
  • Optimised quality and clarity of vision
  • Colours may be brighter and clearer
  • Improved night and low light vision
  • May reduce need for glasses for near or distance

If you'd like to be less dependent on glasses following lens replacement surgery, this could now be a reality thanks to the latest customised technology used by Auckland Eye.

PersonalEyes®plus is the ideal solution for patients with both near and far vision problems. Using the most advanced multifocal IOLs available, we can now dramatically improve your close and distance vision, giving you a level of freedom from glasses that you may have previously only dreamed of.

Additionally, PersonalEyes®plus can also be beneficial if you suffer from astigmatism, as we are now able to correct this with Toric IOLs, improving your vision significantly and reducing the need for glasses post-operatively.

  • Custom-designed to suit you
  • Improves both near and far vision
  • Optimum improvement in contrast
  • CColours may be brighter and clearer
  • Improved night and low light vision
  • Corrects for astigmatism
  • Significantly reduces need to wear glasses

At Auckland Eye, we extend our personalised approach to every part of our service. We're independently accredited for quality patient care, so you know you're in the best possible hands.

Because your eyes are unique, talk to our friendly, dedicated team today about a PersonalEyes ® cataract solution that's designed for you.

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