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cataract surgery?

Auckland Eye is New Zealand’s centre of excellence for eye care,with a totally tailored approach providing the best for you

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Auckland Eye offers

the world’s most advanced laser eye surgery

customised for your eyes and performed by expert surgeons

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Our patients are some of

the first in the world to benefit

from our leading edge research

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Our specialists are

internationally renowned and

devoted to achieving the very best outcomes for you

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Auckland Eye - New Zealand Centre of Excellence for Eye Care

Our Doctors

Our Doctors
Stephen Best
Stuart Carroll
Dean Corbett
Archie McGeorge
Justin Mora
Yvonne Ng
Sue Ormonde
David Pendergrast
Alison Pereira
Philip Polkinghorne
Paul Rosser
Jo Sims
Sarah Welch

Why Auckland Eye

  • You’re in some of the best hands in the world. The international ophthalmic world recognises our people and our work, often inviting us to speak at conferences.
  • Results mean the world to us. We always strive to improve our techniques, knowledge and care for patients.
  • More procedures and treatments available under one roof. As New Zealand’s largest ophthalmic group we have every aspect of eye care covered, so you won’t be referred on to another clinic.
  • Your comfort and care come first. Being a little nervous is natural, so our people take extra time to really listen, explain and care.
  • We love what we do. We understand how precious your eyes are to you and we love helping to improve the way you see the world!

Auckland Eye Manual

A comprehensive ophthalmology handbook.

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