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Auckland Eye is proud to be the only private institution with two orthoptists.

What is an orthoptist?

Our orthoptists work alongside our paediatric specialists and neuro-ophthalmologists to assess both children’s and adult’s eyes for a wide variety of vision effecting conditions, including squints, strabismus and lazy eye. Orthoptists focus on patients who experience blurred, oscillating or double vision, misalignment or uncontrolled eye movement and abnormal head positions. They are trained to offer a range of management or correction treatments such as eye patches, exercises, prisms or special glasses.

Orthoptists also commonly work with patients who have neurological conditions such as stroke or multiple sclerosis, to provide advice and general rehabilitation for these patients.

Our orthoptists

Here at Auckland Eye, we have 2 amazing orthoptists; Federica (Fefe) Ferruzzi and Aurélie Delhommais. Fefe has been working at Auckland Eye since Jan 2019 and Aurélie joined us in May, 2022.

At Auckland Eye, first time appointments for strabismic or amblyopic eye conditions, are seen by an orthoptist, and then followed with an appointment with a specialist, ideally on the same day.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my child need to see an orthoptist before an appointment with the doctor?
What is the difference between an orthoptist, an optometrist and an ophthalmologist?
My GP has referred me only to see the specialist, why do I need to see Orthoptist? Can I just see the specialist directly?
How long will be my appointment with the Orthoptist?

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