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Laser Vision Correction

Our new SMILE Pro Laser. Sophisticated technology with unparalleled results.



Understanding laser vision correction

Laser surgery changes the shape of the cornea, correcting focus and eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. It’s not only a permanent solution, it’s customised too – because everyone’s eyes are different.

Laser vision correction, also called refractive surgery, is an umbrella term for eye treatments that use a laser to reshape the cornea. These treatments are popular because they offer long-term freedom from glasses and contacts – reshaping the cornea corrects focusing issues, and in most cases, results last for decades.

Several types of laser treatment are available, depending on your specific eye problem, the condition of your cornea and other factors. Treatment is quick, straightforward and minimally invasive.

At Auckland Eye we offer three main options for laser eye surgery, including SMILE Pro, the most advanced laser vision correction technology. We were the leaders bringing SMILE technology to Auckland in 2023 and now we have invested in the safest version of SMILE Pro for our patients.

You’ll need a full assessment from one our specialists to see which option is right for you.


What problems does laser eye surgery fix?

Normal vision (emmetropia) – Light rays are refracted by the cornea and the lens in such a way that the focal point is directly on the retina. Objects both near and far appear in sharp focus.

Nearsightedness (myopia) – Light rays are refracted by the cornea and the lens in such a way that the focal point is in front of the retina. It is the most common focusing problem treated by laser eye surgery. Depending on the degree of myopia, near objects appear in sharp focus while distant objects appear out of focus.

Astigmatism – The irregular curvature of the cornea causes the light rays to be refracted into multiple focal points and not just one. Depending on the extent of astigmatism, objects both near and far can appear skewed and distorted. Astigmatism may occur in conjunction with both near or far-sightedness.

Hyperopia (far-sightedness) – Hyperopia occurs when the eye is smaller than the ‘perfect eye’, causing images to be focused past the retina. Farsightedness is a distance vision problem although sometimes your near vision can be more blurred too.


Other Options

Intraocular contact lens (ICL) – Although laser eye surgery is the most common way to gain freedom from glasses or contact lenses, some people’s eyes aren’t suitable due to high prescriptions or thin corneas. In these cases an implantable contact lens may be a better solution for their vision problems. All our ICL patients have achieved unaided vision of better than, or equal to, driving vision.

The ICL is a tiny contact lens that is placed inside the eye, not on top of the eye like normal contact lenses, to correct near or far (short or long) sightedness, with or without astigmatism. The lens is specially manufactured for your individual eye contours, so is highly customised. Our specialist can advise if ICL is the right choice for you.

Refractive lens exchange – If you started out needing reading glasses, and now find yourself more reliant on glasses all the time, then we often recommend an Intraocular Lens (also known as Refractive Lens Exchange – RLEX) as your best option.

This procedure is where the natural lens of your eye is removed and an artificial one attached in its place.

There are now extremely sophisticated IOL’s available that can give you back your distance, intermediate and near vision. So you can read books, menus and mobile phones again just like you used to, without the need for glasses. It’s a bit like turning back the clock!


Diagnosis and treatment

Laser correction can treat a range of focusing conditions that result from a misshapen or distorted cornea, including myopia (near-sighted), hyperopia (far-sighted), astigmatism, presbyopia, scarring on the cornea, cataracts and glaucoma.

Before being treated, you will need to be assessed by a specialist ophthalmologist who will examine the cornea and take precise measurements to determine the appropriate laser correction method.

Laser surgery isn’t safe or effective for certain people, so your specialist will also ask about your general health and other factors before recommending a course of treatment.


Cost and finance

Laser eye surgery prices:

  • Initial technical assessment: FREE
  • Initial surgeon assessment: FREE
  • SMILE laser surgery: $3,200 per eye; $6,400 both eyes
  • LASIK surgery: $3,200 per eye; $6,400 both eyes

Payment options:

  • Cash, Bank Cheque, Eftpos, Visa, Mastercard or Amex are all accepted.
  • Auckland Eye is pleased to offer finance with Q Card and Q MasterCard®, we are currently able to offer 24 months interest free with no payments for the first 3 months*.

Terms and conditions:

*Finance not available online. No payments and no interest for 3 months (“Payment Holiday”) and no interest for a further 21 months is available on Flexi Payment Plans. Minimum purchase $2,500. Offer is ongoing. Annual Account Fee of $50 applies. Existing Cardholder fee – $35 Advance fee. New Cardholder fee – $55 Establishment fee. Minimum payments of 3% of the monthly closing balance or $10 (whichever is greater) are required once the Payment Holiday ends. Paying only the minimum monthly payments will not fully repay the loan before the end of the interest free period. Standard Interest Rate, currently 25.25% p.a. applies to any outstanding balance at end of interest free period. Lending criteria, fees, terms and conditions apply.

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Laser vision correction was developed in 1974. Since then, science has been refined, and a range of new methods have emerged. At Auckland Eye, we offer three main treatment methods: SMILE, LASIK and PRK. Don't compromise your lifestyle, contact us today for life changing eye care.

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