Laser Eye Surgery

As the name suggests, laser eye surgery means using a laser to change the shape of the cornea (surface of your eye) – to correct focusing errors with extreme precision.

This adjusts your focus in the same way as wearing contact lenses or glasses – only without any of the inconvenience. It’s not only a permanent solution, it’s customised too – because everyone’s eyes are different.

At Auckland Eye we offer three main options for laser eye surgery, including SMILE, the most advanced laser vision correction technology, which we introduced almost three years ago. You’ll need a full assessment from one our specialists to see which option is right for you:

SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) – the quickest, most technologically advanced and precise laser eye surgery in the world. This one step, one laser, keyhole laser eye surgery has been designed and perfected by Carl Zeiss – a huge step forward in laser treatments and one that Auckland Eye is proud to have been the leading eye clinic in Auckland to introduce and now provide the most expertise in.

LASIK (Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis) – the most well known laser eye surgery. Millions of people worldwide have already benefited from this advanced two step, two laser technique, with proven results.

PRK (Photo-Refractive Keratectomy)– the original proven and effective laser eye surgery. Though LASIK is a more common treatment, PRK is a safer option for those people unable to have LASIK because of thinner corneas.

Following laser eye surgery at Auckland Eye, the vast majority of patients achieve outstanding visual acuity of 20/20 or 6/6 vision, or better.

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