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News News Thursday, 20 Apr 2023

Sophisticated tech, unparalleled results – meet Auckland Eye’s new SMILE Pro laser

What if you could improve your vision in just 15 minutes? That’s the promise of Auckland Eye’s new SMILE Pro laser – a major step forward in eye-care.

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Eye ConditionsEye ConditionsFriday, 13 Oct 2023

What happens during cataract surgery?

What you need to know about preparation, surgery and recovery

Eye Fun FactsFriday, 15 Sep 2023

7 reasons your pupils change size

Your pupils control the light coming into your eyes and can change size. Here are some common reasons – and if you should be worried.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 11 Sep 2023

Auckland Eye looks back on 30 years of life changing eye care

Auckland Eye celebrates 30 Years of success, innovation, and excellence in eye care.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsMonday, 28 Aug 2023

8 signs of vision problems in children

Suspect that your child may have an eyesight problem? Here are some of the signs that show they could be struggling.

NewsNewsMonday, 21 Aug 2023

Covid-19 Update

Most recent Covid-19 update and what it means for our clinics and patients.

Eye Fun FactsThursday, 10 Aug 2023

6 Fascinating Facts About Blue Eyes

Complex genetics, light sensitivity, potential health issues and other fascinating facts about blue eyes – read the blog to find out more.

NewsNewsMonday, 13 Feb 2023

Covid-19 Update

Most recent Covid-19 update and what it means for our clinics and patients.

NewsNewsTuesday, 20 Dec 2022

Auckland Eye appoints NZ’s second-ever ocular oncologist

Dr Riyaz Bhikoo – 5-star patient care, international experience and rare specialisation.

Eye ConditionsEye ConditionsThursday, 27 Oct 2022

What is a pterygium or surfer’s eye?

A pterygium is an eye condition with many other names. Commonly known as surfer’s eye, it’s often experienced by people who live in hot sunny regions.

Eye ConditionsEye ConditionsTuesday, 6 Sep 2022

Struggling to focus? You may have keratoconus

From causes to symptoms and treatments, here’s what you need to know

NewsNewsMonday, 22 Aug 2022

Glaucoma Integrity Study

The first iStent InfiniteTM surgery in Australasia was performed at Auckland Eye in July 2022.


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