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Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 11 Sep 2023

Auckland Eye looks back on 30 years of life changing eye care

Auckland Eye celebrates 30 Years of success, innovation, and excellence in eye care.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeTuesday, 22 Oct 2019

What is the most advanced laser eye treatment available?

Of course, Laser Eye Surgery is a big decision and its understandable to only want to receive the best and most advanced treatment on the market.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 9 Sep 2019

4 Ways To Combat Springtime Allergies

Here is a list of 4 ways to help against springtime allergy hassles

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeTuesday, 27 Aug 2019

Values Refresh!

Here at Auckland Eye, we are ever-changing, innovating and developing.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeFriday, 23 Aug 2019

3 reasons we should not rub our eyes!

We all do it, we all know it feels good - but we need to stop!

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeWednesday, 14 Aug 2019

Insight North Shore 2019

Last night we held our annual North Shore Insight evening at Auckland Eye's Takapuna Clinic on Fred Thomas Drive.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 12 Aug 2019

Waiting Room Knitting Project

Our waiting room knitting stations have become a huge hit and with the overwhelming support we have received from patients.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeFriday, 9 Aug 2019

Information on PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision

PRESBYOND laser blended vision is a revolutionary treatment for people who have an age-related vision disorder, known as presbyopia.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeWednesday, 7 Aug 2019

Cosmetic Eyelid Procedures: Blepharoplasty

To restore a more energetic and youthful appearance, eyelid surgery (also known as Blepharoplasty) is one of the most common cosmetic procedures.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 29 Jul 2019

The Surprising Benefits of Laser Vision Correction

Laser eye surgery procedure significantly improves eyesight that is caused by a refractive error.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeMonday, 17 Jun 2019

Why Choose Auckland Eye?

Choosing the right medical practice for your laser eye surgery is a crucial step in increasing the likelihood of attaining a satisfying lifestyle

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeThursday, 16 Nov 2017

Auckland Eye answers your Cataract questions

Do you need some information about cataracts? Here Auckland Eye answers the most common cataract questions we get such as 'what are cataracts?'


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