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Dr. Justin Mora on living your best life through eye care

Vision correction solutions are about living your best life at any stage of life. "An eye for eyes" published in North & South Magazine (May 2024).

Retinal Peer Review June 2024

This peer review session is designed to connect the optometrists to our retinal ophthalmologists.

NZOSS Presentation March 2024

Dr Riyaz Bhikoo had a fantastic time presenting to the New Zealand Optometry Student Society (NZOSS), sharing his expertise and knowledge.

Slit Lamp Training and Acute Eye Conditions July 2024

This event is designed to improve your understanding of the slit lamp and what is important when looking at eyes in an emergency care situation.

Collaborating to Optimise Patient Care

Auckland Eye and City Eye Specialists welcome you to our seminar at Ormiston clinic.

CPR and First Aid Training Course March 24

To support professional development, Auckland Eye is happy to host a CPR & First Aid training course to help optometrists meet the ODOB requirements.

The 5 Most Common Eye Injuries for Athletes

Sports and physical activities play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but they also come with potential risks, including eye injuries

The Benefits of Laser Vision Correction for Sports Enthusiasts

For those leading an active lifestyle or engaged in sports, the significance of clear vision cannot be overstated.

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