relex® SMILE

What is SMILE laser?

Auckland Eye is proud to be the most experienced provider of SMILE laser vision correction in Auckland, having treated thousands of eyes since it's introduction in March 2015.

ReLEx SMILE is the world’s most advanced, precise and convenient laser eye surgery. It is the most significant advancement in laser eye surgery technology in over 10 years.

relex eye laser surgery

Developed by Carl Zeiss in Germany, this keyhole technique provides a minimally invasive treatment for the correction of myopia and astigmatism. It combines the proven safety of traditional vision correction techniques with even greater comfort and potentially greater precision.

ReLEx® SMILE recently received approval from the FDA, a United States agency responsible for protecting public health by assuring the safety, effectiveness and quality of medical devices (and other medical products). This approval has been given following the results of a United States study of 328 patients undergoing the SMILE procedure, and in response to the excellent success rate SMILE has achieved in global markets such as Europe, China, Canada, India, Australia and New Zealand.

SMILE at a glance:

  • The world’s most advanced laser eye surgery
  • Uses only one laser (femtosecond)
  • The laser part of the process only takes approx. 25 seconds per eye
  • Minimally invasive – no flap & 100% blade-free
  • Minimal discomfort

SMILE Laser – one step to better vision

SMILE is a one step, one laser, minimally invasive procedure that uses photo separation of tissue. Computer guided, highly focused laser light is used to create a lenticule (precise lens-shaped disc within the cornea), which is then removed through a tiny keyhole incision.

SMILE vision correction is a pain-free keyhole procedure using a single advanced Zeiss laser.

ReLEx® smile with VisuMax®

auckland eye laser vision correction
auckland eye laser vision correction
auckland eye laser vision correction

Comfort and ease

The laser portion of the procedure is quick – it’s all over in 25 seconds. The technology is also designed to ensure it’s an extremely comfortable procedure. Although everyone is different, recovery is quick – most people will be feeling great the very next day.

Proven technology

SMILE uses femtosecond laser technology, which has been proven in the field of laser eye surgery a million times over. So while SMILE is a new technique, the technology is proven, safe and effective.

Recommended by the world’s top surgeons

Surgeons around the world have embraced SMILE as an effective laser eye surgery procedure. Not only does it produce excellent visual results, the keyhole technique means there is minimal interference with corneal nerves, so recovery is rapid. Longer term, this may also help to avoid dry eye problems and preserve the strength of the cornea.

We provide special packages for people travelling to Auckland specifically for LASIK or SMILE.This includes:

  • All-in-one – your assessment and surgery organised for the same day so you only have to spend one night in Auckland, with the first post –op check the following day prior to you returning home.
  • Overnight accommodation at nearby hotel is included in your surgery costs.
  • The 2-week and 3-month post-operative appointments are provided by your local optometrist.

Your laser surgery experience

  • On your arrival at Auckland Eye, you will meet our laser technician and your surgeon, who will take you through your assessment. We will take precise measurements of your eyes enabling us to provide a personalised treatment plan.
  • Your SMILE procedure will be scheduled for later that same day. Even though the procedure doesn’t take long, please expect to be with us for about 3 hours for full assessment and surgery to be completed.
  • After your surgery you will head to your accommodation for the evening and a good nights sleep. Auckland Eye will pay for your accommodation though all incidentals will be at your own expense.

Post-operative appointments

Your 2 week and 2 month check ups can be provided by your own local optometrist. However, if you have any concerns, please feel free to contact us directly, and if further post-op appointments are required it may be necessary to come back and see us here.

Out of town costs

You’ll need to cover the cost of your travel to and from Auckland and any living expenses you incur while you are here (food, drink etc), but your surgery and one night’s accommodation are both covered by the normal price of surgery.

Terms & Conditions

This offer applies to LASIK and SMILE only, no other surgical procedures provided by Auckland Eye are included. Accommodation will only be provided for one night following your surgery. Any extra nights stay or future visits to this clinic will not be covered by this offer.

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