Pioneering laser vision treatment gives mother the gift of perfect vision - Kama Bone, a patient story

Published by Auckland Eye on Thursday, 05 Apr 2018

Being a dedicated mother of an active 7 year old daughter, Kama never enjoyed using contact lenses and glasses and the hassles that came with them. Although Kama had great vision in her teens, she started to become short-sighted in high school. By the time she was in her early 20s, Kama needed to wear glasses full time which proved to be highly inconvenient, especially after becoming a mother.

"Not only was it always a pain trying to take my (at the time) very young daughter to her swimming lessons in a heated pool, in which I had to get in with her, my glasses would fog up and I would be unable to go under the water with her. Then, if I took my glasses off I was unable to see the swimming instructor."

Living with glasses and contact lenses was very frustrating and started to become very expensive. "The biggest struggle I encountered was probably trying not to break my $500+ glasses! Also, the annoyance of getting eyeshadow and mascara on the lenses every day made my morning routine very time-consuming and frustrating. Even trying to lay down on the couch or in bed at the end of the day to watch a movie and having my glasses smoosh to the side of my face, (which was sometimes painful and I would lose vision) really bothered me. Not to mention the annoyance of having to change my prescription sunglass and my normal day glasses was a real pain." 

Finally, at the age of 26, Kama was fed up with having to deal with these annoyances and decided to look into possible long-term solutions. After speaking to a couple of people who had laser eye surgery and highly recommended it, Kama took the plunge and booked her vision correction surgery with Auckland Eye; "I knew that I would rather enjoy the experience of having fantastic vision without the hassle of glasses as soon as possible and for as long as possible".

Now five years after the surgery and Kama still can't believe how incredibly clear her vision is and how much of a significant impact it has had on her everyday life."It has changed my life in the fact that I can do more active activities with my daughter. She is now 7, we can run, jump, swim, swing, scooter, and just be silly without the hassle of having to worry about taking my glasses off all the time to make sure they don't break. Plus, I don't have to try to keep up with the latest frame fashion trends, which is another great benefit of laser eye surgery".

Although many people when they first consider laser eye surgery are a bit nervous, Kama felt she was always in the best of hands right from the initial assessment consultation all the way up to her final post-op appointment. Kama now is a huge advocate for laser vision correction and her only regret is that she didn't do it sooner; "I can't recommend it enough, I still can't believe years on how incredibly clear my vision is and that I can actually see every detail of the world!" 

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