PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision

Published by Auckland Eye on Tuesday, 05 Feb 2019


PRESBYOND laser blended vision is a revolutionary treatment for people who have an age-related vision disorder, known as presbyopia. Presbyopia results in the inability to focus up close, a problem associated with refraction in the eye. As we age the natural lens inside our eye loses its flexibility. This means the eye is no longer able to focus light directly on to the retina  resulting in a reduction in our ability to focus up close.



In order to correct this loss of focusing ability, PRESBYOND uses an excimer laser to sculpt the cornea with the goal of focusing the dominant eye for distance and the non-dominant eye for near sight. The difference with PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is that it actually extends the range of vision in each eye, whereas conventional monovision treatments (using contact lenses or conventional LASIK) creates a "reading eye" and a "distance eye" with an area of blurred vision in the intermediate range.

By customising the laser treatment to turn this "blur zone" into a "blend zone", PRESBYOND fine-tunes the depth of field of each eye individually, creating a customised fusion of the two images in the intermediate zone for comfortable intermediate vision. This unique blend zone makes it easier to successfully merge the images of the two eyes and is accepted by the majority of patients; resulting in clear vision at every distance - near, far and intermediate.



PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is an advanced method of treating presbyopia which offers the opportunity to achieve freedom from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery (laser eye surgery) with the benefits of increased depth of field in retaining visual quality. Compared to other conventional monovision treatments, it offers several significant advantages:

  • Customised

As a new and natural approach, PRESBYOND offers patients a customised treatment designed to achieve independence from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of conventional LASIK with the benefits of increased depth of focus.

  • All Distances

PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is the way of treating presbyopic patients that aims to achieve sharply focused vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far – with virtually no compromises.

  • Immediate

Most patients will experience immediate results and will be able to read up-close the very same day of the surgery.

For these reasons, PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision represents the next stage in eye care excellence.

Book Your FREE Initial Consultation:

If PRESBYOND sounds like something you would be interested in finding out if you are a suitable candidate for, it is important to note that PRESBYOND surgery is only available in Auckland at Auckland Eye.

If you are around 45 years of age or older, use glasses predominantly for reading and have reasonably good distance vision, or a low prescription for distance vision (such as progressive glasses) you may well be suitable. However, to determine your suitability, an initial 45 minute consultation at Auckland Eye will be required. 

To book an appointment for your FREE initial consultation (worth $500) call 0800 639 393. See you soon!



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