Values Refresh!

Published by Auckland Eye on Tuesday, 27 Aug 2019

Here at Auckland Eye, we are ever-changing, innovating and developing. We are currently in the midst of our values refresh where we have shifted  our original values of collaboration, integrity, and respect to that of partnership, empathy, expertise, and integrity which better reflect our practice ethos.


We commit time and energy to nurturing and maintaining strong relationships (between ourselves and others), so that together, we can continue to provide exceptional patient care and experiences.


This  is consistently making the better choice, regardless of complexity. We are professional and make courageous decisions to build trust and a constructive culture


This reflects our collective knowledge and skills. The depth and breadth of our expertise allows us to identify how best to respond to our patients needs and genuinely enhance their lives.


This is fundamental to our organization. We put ourselves in others shoes to understand what they are experiencing. Doing this allows us to foster an environment where all voices are heard and all people feel valued

We are very excited about the launch of our new values!

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