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Eye Fun FactsFriday, 15 Sep 2023

7 reasons your pupils change size

Your pupils control the light coming into your eyes and can change size. Here are some common reasons – and if you should be worried.

Eye Fun FactsThursday, 10 Aug 2023

6 Fascinating Facts About Blue Eyes

Complex genetics, light sensitivity, potential health issues and other fascinating facts about blue eyes – read the blog to find out more.

Eye Fun FactsMonday, 17 Dec 2018

A Christmas Feast For Your Eyes

There is no getting around the fact that for most of us, Christmas is a lot of work, especially when it comes to planning the Christmas menu!

Eye Fun FactsTuesday, 2 Oct 2018

The Importance of Eyelashes

At some stage, you have probably found yourself wondering why you have halos of little hairs around your eyes, aka 'eyelashes'.

Eye Fun FactsFriday, 3 Aug 2018

The Importance of Tears

Tears are our body’s way of keeping our eyes moisturised and nourished.

Eye Fun FactsFriday, 27 Jul 2018

How the Eye Works

Right now as you read this post, your eyes are busy using all their intricate anatomy to refract light from your computer screen through the cornea

Eye Fun FactsWednesday, 11 Jul 2018

7 Things That Make Your Pupils Change in Size

The iris (the coloured part of the eye) plays an important role in the proper functioning of the eye as it regulates light entering the eye.

Eye Fun FactsFriday, 15 Jun 2018

Colour Blindness

While most of us share a common vision sensory experience, some people's perception of colour is different from what the majority of us see.

Eye ConditionsEye ConditionsThursday, 28 Jul 2016

Common eye conditions in children

Amblyopia is the most common cause of poor vision in children and occurs because the part of the brain that deals with vision for that eye has failed

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