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For patients seeking vision correction through laser eye surgery, the primary goal is to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. We also know that you want the quickest, most painless and cost effective procedure available.  For our ophthalmologists,  it is the patient’s safety and the success of the procedure in terms of improved vision which are on the top of the list, whilst still appreciating the factors  that are important to you.

Taking all of this into consideration, Auckland Eye  made the decision in 2014 to be an early adopter of the world’s most advanced laser eye surgery, SMILE. We invested over $1 million in the latest laser equipment to deliver SMILE to our patients, and are proud to have been the first in Auckland to offer this breakthrough  technology. Since this time, our world renowned laser doctors have treated thousands of eyes and we are delighted to be the most experienced provider of SMILE Laser Vision correction in Auckland.

So what exactly is SMILE?

It is a one step, one laser, minimally invasive refractive procedure that corrects your vision in a matter of seconds. Computer guided, highly focused laser light is used to create a lenticule (precise lens-shaped disc within the cornea), which is then removed through a tiny keyhole incision. It is a  comfortable, pain-free procedure, with very quick recovery – most people will be feeling great the very next day. SMILE, like LASIK and PRK, can decrease and in the majority of cases eliminate, the need for people to wear glasses or contact lenses. The laser part of the procedure is much quicker than LASIK, taking only 25 seconds per eye.

SMILE is available for those with myopia (nearsightedness), and astigmatism, and will achieve a result of 20/20 or 6/6 vision for over 95% of patients.

“That is the standard of vision required to become a pilot, so it’s very good,” explains Dr Dean Corbett. “Some patients will get even better results – 20/15 or even 20/10 vision – without any corrective lenses.”

While Auckland Eye offers both SMILE and LASIK, SMILE’s clinical  advantages over LASIK are noteworthy – a  reduction in dry eye symptoms, faster recovery time and greater biochemical stability of the cornea. Studies now show that a number of ophthalmic indicators, including Ocular Surface Disease Index, tear film break-up time, tear osmolarity, and dry eye severity were found to be better after SMILE in comparison to LASIK. Furthermore, at 6 months post operatively, SMILE patients used less tear substitute eye drops than LASIK patients.  As a result is has a very high patient satisfaction level. In fact, 75% of our patients who have their eyes corrected through Laser Eye Surgery now opt for SMILE over LASIK.

As with most technology, SMILE’s success is a combination of the technology itself and the surgeon operating it. Our doctors, highly experienced ophthalmologists at the very top of their field, have now amassed  very significant time and experience  in using SMILE successfully.  As a result, you know that when you visit us at Auckland Eye you will benefit not only from this advanced technology,  but also be in the hands of some of the most experienced laser surgeons.

For more information on SMILE, please see our website. You are also welcome to come in for a complimentary Laser vision assessment.

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