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We all do it, we all know it feels good – but we need to stop! Rubbing our eyes can lead to eye damage and long-lasting consequences. Below we give three reasons that will hopefully prevent you from rubbing your eyes when you next feel the need!


Need we say more? We have bacteria and germs all over our hands, our fingers are covered in microbes that if you get in your eye can lead to infections such as the highly contagious conjunctivitis.

Corneal Abrasion

When you rub your eyes you are rubbing in the dirt, dust and external matters including mascara, and makeup. If there are sharp or large enough particles in the foreign objects they can scratch your cornea as you are digging them into your eye when you rub. The cornea being scratched can lead to irritation, redness and light sensitivity.

Dark circles

When you rub your eye especially constantly you can break the small blood vessels in your eyelids which are the cause of dark circles. This does happen a lot when you sleep, if you notice after a good night’s sleep you still wake up with dark under-eye circles, try wearing a clean eye mask to bed.

We often start to rub our eye as we feel it is irritated, a better way to clean your eye and to get rid of foreign items is to wash your eye with clean water or saline solution.

If you have reduced vision, nausea or eye pain consult a professional immediately, visit our website and book an appointment via

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