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If you have old glasses that you no longer need, why not donate your glasses to someone in need?

Since many of our post-op laser and cataract patients leave our doors with corrected vision, and no longer needing glasses, we decided to place donation bowls for unwanted glasses at our reception.

With the help of the Papakura Lions Club, the donated glasses will shipped to the Islands (Fiji, Vanauatu, Samoa, Tuvalu) and will be used to change peoples lives.

How it works:

Once the bowls are full at reception, we will deliver them to the Papakura Lions Club. Before the donated glasses are shipped to the Islands, the Papakura Lions Club will wash, carry out minor repair (if needed), grade the glasses and then pack them in plastic bags with a tag showing the eyeglass strength. After the glasses are prepared and delivered, there are a number of charities and volunteer optometrists who collect the glasses, test patients and fit them with the recycled glasses at no cost.


So the next time you are visiting Auckland Eye and have unwanted glasses lying around a home, please donate your glasses here at reception. Additionally, since type 2 diabetes is common in the Islands and is the main cause of blindness, please donate your unwanted sunglasses too. Sunglasses are a valuable item in the Islands particularly for people who have undergone cataract operations.

Providing the gift of vision, your unused glasses can change someone’s life. Imagine if you could help a child read, a senior maintain his independence and help a community to grow and thrive with more opportunities.

Donate Unwanted Glasses Wednesday, 23 May 2018

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