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As we go through the different stages of life, from childhood to becoming an adult it is not only our bodies that go through changes, but our eyes too! It is important to know what common changes our eyes go through at these different ages, so we can combat the effects.


It is important during the teens to tweens years to have regular eye tests as it is during this time that people may need their first pair of glasses. Driving and computer use can cause strain on your eyes, and as these tasks are fundamental not only at this age, but all life long, getting the right prescription early on is crucial to eye health.


After you pass the milestone of your 40th, it is more common to notice that its difficult to focus on objects up close as presbyopia develops. Presbyopia is medically described as the lens inside your eye starting to lose its ability to change shape; this is needed to focus on objects near or far. As you age through your 50’s this can lead to regular changes in prescriptions and often one prescription not addressing all sight issues.

There are now many options for treatment which include Presbyond and Refractive Lens Exchange. After reaching 40 it is also more common to develop glaucoma which although doesn’t cause any pain, can lead if not treated to permanent blindness. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world after cataract and affects about 3% of people over 60. It is the main reason that eye checks are recommended at least every 5 years from 40, every 3 years from 50 and every 2 years from 60.


As people move into retirement, hobbies, family, and friends become the central time-fillers of peoples’ day. Unfortunately, it is at this stage of life when cataracts most commonly develop. To address cataracts, cataract surgery is performed, replacing the cloudy lens so vision is restored. Additionally, macular degeneration can develop with increasing age. This is a deterioration of the macular that provides precise central vision.

If you do wish to get more information on the surgeries and services we have in place to combat the different eye concerns and conditions patients have at different stages in life, visit our website to find in-depth information on eye concerns as well as the surgeries we offer by clicking

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