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Last night we held our annual North Shore Insight evening at Auckland Eye’s Takapuna Clinic on Fred Thomas Drive. After networking and socializing over drinks and canapés we had Auckland Eyes’ newest Dr, Dr. Chi-Ying Chou provided a very on-topic presentation on Artificial Intelligence specifically, discussing  how it can make our practices even more efficient if we collaborate with the technology, it becomes an enabler.

To quote Dr. Chi-Ying Chou “Augmentation, not replacement… Artificial Intelligence should complement what we do” The optometrists that attended appeared very curious about what could be the future of Ophthalmology and were very engaged in his presentation.

We then had Dr. Dean Corbett educate us all on the different clinical trials we have running at Auckland Eye as well as introducing new Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) and discussing  their benefits.

One of these new IOL’s Dr. Corbett explained was  TECNIS Eyhance IOL which delivers high-quality vision by simultaneously addressing both optical aberrations: chromatic and spherical. We had a great discussion at the end of Dr. Dean Corbett’s presentation where the optometrists commented on how valuable this new IOL could be.

The night was a great success as we welcomed new optometrists  as well as enjoying the company of more familiar faces that Auckland Eye is proud to know, we cannot wait until next year!

Auckland Eye Auckland Eye Wednesday, 14 Aug 2019

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