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With his 15 years’ experience as a CEO in the healthcare sector, we’re delighted to welcome Gordon Armstrong as Auckland Eye’s new CEO. Alongside his extensive leadership experience, Gordon’s unwavering focus on delivering the highest-quality of patient care will be a key attribute as the company moves into its next chapter.

A snapshot of Gordon’s career

Gordon joins Auckland Eye from the Care Group where he has been the CEO for the past 14 years. For well over a decade, he has worked as a CEO in the health sector in primary care (urgent care and general practice), specialist centres, medical property and investments.

His career has been diverse. Gordon has worked in tertiary education as well as logistics and management consulting roles in New Zealand and overseas.

When asked about career highlights, Gordon cites being a part of developing and growing the Regional After-Hours Network which provides 24-hour care to Auckland’s most vulnerable communities, as well as his work with several regional leadership teams including the primary care COVID-19 response for Auckland Metro and the GP & Urgent Care COVID Working Group.

Excited to work for a well-known, reputable team and organisation

It was Auckland Eye’s reputation – and its wonderful team of people – that prompted Gordon to consider the position, having engaged with the company on various occasions in his previous role.

“Auckland Eye is already a successful, well-known organisation, and there’s still enormous capacity for growth,” he says.

Gordon believes success is driven by people, and ensuring they are well trained, well supported and empowered to do their very best is essential.

“We’ve got this wonderful network of clinics and theatres, with some of the best surgeons and specialists in the world, and what will be most exciting is being able to expand our reach and provide innovative new services to more people and communities.

“It’s a thrill and a privilege to be working with you all, finding ways to capture and execute all of your ideas and innovation, and making sure that you’re challenged and empowered in your work.”

Providing life-changing eye care to New Zealanders

As Mark Conelly, Chair of the Auckland Eye Board, explains, the company has been going through a significant growth phase over the last five years, with successful clinics now established in Takapuna and Ormiston in Auckland.

“Gordon has a sound track-record of working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders across the health sector, helping businesses grow successfully while keeping patient needs and the wellbeing of staff front and centre,” he says.

“These will be important attributes for leading Auckland Eye as we enter our next phase of delivering on our mission – to provide life-changing eye care to New Zealanders.”

News News Thursday, 14 Apr 2022

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