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What was your vision like before laser eye surgery?

“I started having bad eyesight since I was 11 years old and it just got worse very quickly thereafter. As a child, my vision issue mostly affected my sports activities, especially swimming. Then years later, when I became a mother, I would often have dry, itchy eyes from staying up in the night with the kids wearing contacts. Back then when the kids were small, I would mostly wear contact lenses because I felt like my glasses might fall off all the time and I was worried that I might drop my baby or bump into something while wearing my glasses. As a result, since I wore contact lenses for so long each day I was quite sensitive to getting mild eye infections.”

What Made You Decide to Have Laser Vision Correction?

“I had always wanted to have laser eye surgery. My mother had laser vision correction when I was still in school and seeing how it transformed her life — I just knew I was going to do it as well someday.

Last year I saw an Auckland Eye Facebook advert and realised I was old enough now for the procedure and I was not going to have any more kids now that I have my two precious boys, I decided that the time was right for me to finally have the procedure.”

What was the Procedure Itself like?

“On the day of my surgery after taking off my glasses, one of the assistants had to lead me into the operating room because I couldn’t see a thing. However, immediately after the procedure I sat upright in the recovery room and was amazed that I could see everything in clear focus around me. I could read the car registration plates and the signage on my way home. It was amazing!

After it was all done, it felt like a complete miracle! The procedure itself was incredibly quick, comfortable and there was absolutely no discomfort or pain at all before, during or even after the procedure.”

Life After Laser Vision Correction

How Was Your Patient Experience at Auckland Eye?

“I found the team at Auckland Eye to be very informative and professional. They were great with putting me at ease before the procedure and helping me make the best treatment decisions for me as an individual. My surgeon, Dr Dean Corbett, was very professional, honest and I enjoyed seeing his facial expression after the operation, being proud of his work and satisfied that he could help someone. You can tell that Dean is very passionate about what he does and helping his patients.”

What Would You Tell Someone Who Was Considering Laser Eye Surgery?

“Just do it! Now that I have had laser eye surgery, my sight is so clear and perfect. It is an amazingly overwhelming experience and I still can’t believe how painless and quick everything was. I think that if people could experience virtual reality and spend a day with post-laser eyesight, no one would hesitate about getting the procedure for an instant.

Overall, it is like experiencing a miracle! I would highly recommend laser vision correction to anyone who is considering having it done.”

"Thank you Auckland Eye and Dr Dean Corbett! 13 years of glasses and contacts.... done and dusted"

Do your vision struggles sound similar?

Being a parent with poor vision can often create many challenges. It’s not hard to misplace your glasses when you are chasing after kids and thinking of a million things all at once. For busy parents, there is not much time to even take a breath in between kid’s dance practice, swimming lessons, soccer games, dinner, bath and bedtimes.

For this reason, many parents like Liezel,  turn to laser eye surgery to remove the burden of glasses and contact lenses. If you can relate to Liezel’s experiences with glasses/contact lenses and are tired of the hassles that come with them wearing them, why not book your free initial laser consultation with Auckland Eye?

To take your first step toward simplifying your life and finding freedom in your vision, book your free laser eye surgery introductory assessment today! Call 0800 63 93 93.

Surgery Surgery Friday, 3 May 2019

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