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For a life-changing procedure that can be performed in only a few minutes and can have you back at work the next day, many patients are left wondering “what’s the catch?” Since we often meet patients who are concerned that the benefits of laser eye surgery are only temporary during their initial consult, we thought it would be a good idea to clear up this misconception once and for all.

Laser Eye Surgery: A Lasting Solution

In most cases, the improved vision provided by laser eye surgery is permanent. By removing a small amount of tissue from the from the top of the eye (called the cornea), laser eye surgery alters the physical shape of the eye. The procedure, therefore, makes a permanent adjustment to the patient’s vision which, for those with short-sightedness or astigmatism, is highly unlikely to change. This is not necessarily the case for long-sighted treatments in young people when there may be some recurrence over time.

It is important to understand that laser surgery does not prevent the age-related reduction in reading vision that comes on from about 45 years of age. The good news is that there are effective treatment options for this problem as well, including in those who have had laser eye surgery years prior.

In summary, aside from the body’s natural ageing process, the effects of laser eye surgery usually last a lifetime. To ensure that you get the most out of having clear and hassle-free vision for as long as possible, we recommend that you do not delay in booking your consultation with our laser team.

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