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Lifestyle Freedom

While they provide a great temporary solution to help you see better, there is no denying that glasses, and contact lens, can be highly inconvenient at times.

Imagine seeing clearly from the moment you wake up! Just think of how much extra time and hassle you would be removed from your daily routine if you no longer had to worry about glasses or contact lens impeding on your lifestyle anymore.

With laser eye surgery, no more…

  • Wasting time trying to find where you misplaced your glasses
  • Remembering to carry spare lens and cleaning fluid with you when travelling
  • Smudging makeup on your lenses
  • Remembering to take out your contacts before showering and going to bed
  • Headaches from frames that are just a bit too tight
  • Glasses steaming up when cooking
  • Needing glasses for driving
  • Glasses and contact holding you back from swimming and playing your best with your favourite sports
  • Early morning mist fogging up your glasses
  • Fiddling around with delicate contacts when you are in a rush and constantly losing them (it doesn’t help that they are tiny and see-through!)
  • The list goes on!

Improved Confidence

Have you ever noticed in the middle of the day that your glasses frames clash with your outfit? Do you sometimes get the feeling that your glasses don’t portray your true personality? Or do you feel that your face just simply does not suit glasses?

While some people can effortlessly rock the ‘chic’ look with a trendy pair of specs, this is not the case for everyone. For this reason, many people decide to go ahead with laser vision correction and reclaim their inner confidence by ditching the glasses.

Long-term Financial Benefits

Although the cost of the surgery may sound like a lot of money at first, when you actually tally-up all your repeated expenses associated with your contacts and glasses over the years, you will find that laser eye surgery is by far the cheaper option in most cases.

Between paying for visits to your optometrist, buying new frames, contact lens and cleaning supplies, the cost of vision correction without laser eye surgery adds up quickly. Most importantly these ongoing costs do not provide a permanent solution!

Happy Healthy Eyes

If you are a contact lens wearer, this one will be true for you. Although modern-day contact lens are very safe (if used as recommended by your eye specialist), statistics show that you are still more likely to develop eye problems from wearing contact lens than from having laser eye surgery. This is because…

  • Touching your eyes each day to put in your contacts carries a risk of infection including microbial keratitis, which is a serious ocular problem that can lead to sight-threatening conditions if not appropriately treated.
  • Wearing contact lens can also put you at greater risk of corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis and corneal abrasions.
  • Since contacts cover the surface of your eye creating a barrier, contact lenses restrict oxygen from entering the eye, which is the reason why many contact wearers suffer from dry eye. This is a growing issue many contact wearers, especially for those who work at a computer or use a screen for several hours a day.

In summary, due to the higher risk of infection and other eye conditions for contact lens wearers, laser eye surgery is considered a much safer option for your eye health.

Occupation Freedom

There are some clear benefits of laser eye surgery in relation to your career prospects, or your ability to do your job well, especially if attention to fine detail is crucial to your job.

To secure your dream job, it is important to consider that some industries have strict health and fitness standards, which requires you to meet specific vision standards. To list a few, firefighters, the police force, paramedics, commercial airline pilots, constructions workers and designers are some of the many professions that require clear vision in order for you to successfully carry out the tasks of your role and in some cases to meet the regulatory industry requirements for health and safety reasons.

Long Lasting Results

After laser eye surgery, most patients enjoy permanently corrected vision, which means no more repeat visits to the eye specialists for changing prescriptions and no more prescription sunglasses (you can finally wear standard sunglasses!)

This means that once you have invested in laser eye surgery, you shouldn’t have to spend any more money on correcting your vision for a very long time, if at all. In fact, many of our patients who have had laser eye surgery 15 to 25 years ago often tell us that “getting laser eye surgery was the best thing I ever did!”

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