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The Surprising Benefits of Laser Vision Correction

If you have done any research about laser vision correction, you know that the procedure significantly improves eyesight that is caused by a refractive error. By permanently reshaping the cornea, laser vision correction often leads to independence from glasses and contact lenses. However, laser vision correction has more to offer that ridding yourself of unwanted glasses or contact lenses. The 5 surprising benefits that most people experience after laser vision correction include…

Saves Money in the Long-Run

Many people are nervous about the cost of laser eye surgery, but what many of them don’t realise is that it can actually save you money in the long-run. Instead of shelling out small sums of money regularly to replace glasses or contacts, you eliminate all recurring costs and pay for your eyesight in one up-front investment.

Think about the number of optometrist visits; checks and prescriptions; the cost of contact lenses, solution and cases; the cost of glasses – both standard glasses and sunglasses and how frequently you change, break or lose them. After adding the total cost up over the years and then comparing it to the one-off cost of laser vision correction, it’s easy to see the financial benefits!

Improves Your Confidence

Glasses can sometimes affect your self confidence, whether it’s because you are unable to easily do the things you want to or for aesthetic reasons.

After laser eye surgery, many people find the confidence that they never knew possible! Most people love their glasses-free appearance and experience a significant boost in self-confidence after laser vision correction. Ditching their glasses makes them feel younger and more able to take advantage of all the opportunities that life throws at them.

Reduces Your Allergy Symptoms

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, contact lenses and the solutions used to clean them can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions in a wearer’s eyes. People with a history of allergies can more easily suffer from sensitivity or an allergic reaction. However, after laser vision correction, contact lens wearers often report that their allergy symptoms improved and they experienced less eye sensitivity, irritation and redness because they no longer need to put contacts in daily.

Improved Athletic Performance

When it comes to sports, your eyesight is a critical component in your success. If you are used to wearing glasses, you’re probably also used to having to constantly adjust them on your nose, and wipe the sweat and fog from the inside of the lens. And if you wear contacts, you may know that they make you more prone to dry eyes and infections.

Investing in laser vision correction means you won’t have to wear contacts or glasses during your exercise and workouts again, allowing you to focus on your sport. For these reasons, athletic performance tends to significantly improve substantially after laser vision correction.

More Freedom — especially when travelling!

Have you ever left to go on a trip only to be greeted with a sense of dread because you realise you forgot your contacts or glasses at home? Have you ever gone to a concert or festival to have a good time only to accidentally have one of your contacts fall out? When you are on holiday, do you want to swim in the ocean and enjoy beach activities without the hassle of glasses holding you back?

Most of us who wear glasses or contacts have been in these scenarios at some point. The good news is that laser eye surgery will make your travels much more enjoyable (and lighten your luggage!) In fact, most of our patients find that the freedom they experience from no longer having to deal with the hassles of glasses or contacts is the very best part about laser vision correction!


Where to From Here?

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