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Over the last few months, our waiting room knitting stations have become a huge hit and with the overwhelming support we have received from patients, we are onto our third batch of knitted goods to be sent to various NZ charities. Along with the large assortment of completed knitted items made by patients and patients’ relatives, our talented nurses Melissa Hobs and Karen Clout have also made a significant contribution to the collection and have been the driving force behind this fantastic initiative.

The completed items as of June (including 40 hats, 7 blankets, 1 cardigan, 4 ‘Fish and Chip’ vests, 10 pairs of booties and about 21 squares) have been shipped off to the Middlemore Foundation and the Premmie Knitting Club – where they will be distributed to patients at the North Shore Hospital. Also, all the completed squares from patients and patient’s relatives were sent to Little Sprouts where they will then be sewn into a blanket. In addition to the large assortment of beautiful garments made for babies, in April Melissa also sent off 41 mice knitted by patients to Auckland SPCA!

Upon receiving our last batch of knitted goods earlier this year, the Middlemore Foundation were delighted with our donation and sent us a lovely thank you letter;

“Thank you for so much for your generous donation to our wool programme. Sadly many babies are readmitted to hospital in their first year of life with respiratory illnesses and this is why your help is so important. Thank you for your ongoing support, we really appreciate everything you do for us…”

Our knitting project is ongoing and we cannot wait to see what other items we end up donating!

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