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Since birth I had a convergent squint and needed to turn my head in order to be able to focus on anything. At 9 months old my parents sought advice for my condition, but received contradictory suggestions for treatment so they asked our GP for a referral to a private Ophthalmologist. She recommended Auckland Eye.

I started seeing Dr Justin Mora from around 18 months of age, at which point I was diagnosed with Estropia, Inferior Oblique Overaction and Dissociated Vertical Deviations.  Dr Mora suggested that I continue to visit him on a quarterly basis until just prior to starting school, when corrective surgery could be done.

When it came time for my operation my parents felt confident that they understood exactly what Dr Mora proposed to do. I was to have a Bilateral Medial Rectus Recessions and Bilateral Inferior Oblique Anterior Transpositions procedure, which is basically where one set of muscles behind the eyes is ‘loosened’ and another set is ‘tightened’ to control the random movement I was experiencing and to get both eyes moving in unison correctly.

After surgery my parents could see the benefits almost immediately and were incredibly  pleased with the results.   All I had to do for the first few days after surgery was to ‘suffer’ having antibiotic eye drops placed in my eyes to prevent infection. I’m told I didn’t make this easy for my parents.

I can confidently say Auckland Eye has changed my life because the treatment Dr Mora provided meant I was able to go on to become a successful dancer.

From the age of 3 I pestered my parents to dance, and as people may be aware in dance, but especially classical and contemporary dance, it is nigh on physically impossible to dance with glasses and (whether right or wrong) it is generally not considered as aesthetically pleasing within the industry.

I am now 17 years old and I am completing my pre-professional years at The Royal Conservatoire of The Hague in The Netherlands in Classical Ballet and Contemporary Dance.  Prior to that I first danced with Evolve Performing Arts Centre in Palmerston North for 11 years, then was offered a fulltime place in Sydney at Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy for 2 years.

My corrective surgery at Auckland Eye has offered me so much freedom of choice and has enabled me to reach heights that I believe may not have otherwise been possible.  I have so much confidence and belief in myself and I truly believe anything is possible.  I have had significant success in the dance world thus far, and have many opportunities coming my way in the not too distant future. I hope to make a career from this art I love so very much.

Auckland Eye made me feel confident, strong, and have a willingness to believe that I can do anything (with hard work, passion and commitment)! Whilst I was shy as a toddler, I enjoyed every visit to Auckland Eye because the staff were always so friendly and caring.  My memories there are nothing but good and I know that if I or anyone else I know needed assistance or advice in this area Auckland Eye would be my recommendation without hesitation!

Eye Conditions Eye Conditions Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016

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