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Some interesting results from a recent survey we did which asked participants to tell us what annoys them most about wearing either glasses or contact lens.

Unsurprisingly the results varied depending on the type of lifestyle each respondent led, however there were also some very common themes.

The majority (30%) mentioned general day to day hassles with glasses as their main annoyance. Situations such as being unable to lie down when reading or watching tv, glasses fogging up when cooking or cleaning the shower and rain drops on their glasses.

Coming in a close second (27%) was just being plain uncomfortable. This was a leading issue for both glasses and contact wearers. Glasses wearers said they hurt their nose and were often knocked, whilst contact wearers spoke of dry and irritated eyes.

Third (15%) was difficulties playing sports with glasses. Examples were that they bounce up and down when running, and you can’t wear glasses when doing water sports such as swimming and surfing.

Fourth (14%) was the hassles around the general logistics of glasses and that you find it incredibly annoying when you lose, break or need to clean your glasses.

Other comments that came through were in regard to appearance, the cost and the difficulties of putting contacts in.

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Laser Wednesday, 21 Jun 2017

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