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Choosing the right medical practice and surgeon for your laser eye surgery is a crucial step in increasing the likelihood of attaining a satisfying visual outcome. To help you make this decision with confidence and to gain a better understanding of the quality of care you will receive when choosing Auckland Eye as your laser eye surgery provider, read on!

We Are New Zealand's Centre of Excellence for Eye Care

At Auckland Eye, by combining over 25 years of experience and the most advanced laser eye surgery technology in the world, we are able to provide our patients with the highest standard of care, peace of mind and fantastic vision results. With a totally tailored approach that provides the best possible outcome for our patients, we have become one of New Zealand’s leading vision correction providers, as we continue to exceed expectations with our unrivalled results.

We Are the Most Experienced Provider of SMILE Laser Vision Correction in Auckland

We have treated literally thousands of eyes since introducing this revolutionary technology in March 2015, making us the most experienced provider of SMILE laser vision correction in Auckland by four years. This makes us stand out as a leader in refractive surgery in Auckland.

We Are The Most Experienced LASIK Practice in New Zealand

We first started LASIK in 1997, which makes us the first LASIK practice in New Zealand. Since then, our practice has helped countless patients reduce their dependence on, or completely eliminate, glasses and/or contact lenses since.

We Are the Only Provider of PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision in Auckland

For patients with age-related loss of near focusing ability (presbyopia), Auckland Eye offers the most advanced method of vision correction — PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision. This revolutionary treatment offers the opportunity to achieve freedom from glasses by combining the simplicity and accuracy of corneal refractive surgery (laser eye surgery) with the benefit of sharply focused vision at all distances: near, intermediate and far – with virtually no compromises.

Auckland Eye is the only provider of PRESBYOND in Auckland.

Greatest Combined Knowledge of Vision Correcting Surgery in NZ

Since our practice is comprised of 15 highly specialised ophthalmologists, all with specific areas of interest in ophthalmology, we have the greatest combined knowledge of vision correcting surgery in New Zealand. Collectively our doctors cover a broad range of specialities to deliver the highest level of expert care to all patients.

Safety Is Our First Priority

Patient safety is our top priority. We can proudly offer our patients the very safest range of laser vision correction options, with the most experienced team of laser surgeons in New Zealand. All laser vision correction procedures that we offer at Auckland Eye carry a low risk of complications and at our dedicated laser clinic we perform a comprehensive set of exams to ensure laser vision correction is a safe option for you.

Auckland Eye Ophthalmologists – Leaders in Ophthalmic Care and Vision Correction Surgery

The Auckland Eye ophthalmologists are leaders in their field and are considered ‘internationally-renowned’ for their devotion towards achieving the very best outcomes for their patients. When you book your laser eye surgery with Auckland Eye, you can rest assured that you are receiving the top world-class care in the field of ophthalmology.

Our Auckland Eye ophthalmologists work hard to improve standards, education, training and research throughout the profession, as eye surgeons worldwide have been trained under the expert direction of many of our ophthalmologists. Furthermore, the international ophthalmic world recognises our doctors and their work at Auckland Eye, often inviting them to speak at conferences.

We Use Only the Best Technology

The doctors at Auckland Eye are passionate about providing the best possible solutions for their patients by using the most advanced proven technology in the world. We will never compromise on the technology, which is why we use clinically proven, FDA approved SMILE, LASIK and PRK technology.


We believe that laser eye procedures should be available to everyone. With that in mind, Auckland Eye offers interest-free finance options to make it easier for everyone to have laser eye surgery, so that you can start enjoying your new eyes sooner. We also offer the lowest standard cost for LASIK eye surgery in Auckland. Our laser eye surgery admin can assist you through the process during your consultation.

Compassionate Excellence in Patient Care

Combined with Oasis Surgical – Auckland’s premier eye surgery facility – we offer superior laser treatment and world-class care from our expertly trained specialists. From the moment you walk into Auckland Eye, you will find a warm, relaxing environment and will be greeted by our friendly staff.

We do not pressure patients to have procedures or surgeries; we discuss each patient’s needs, concerns and difficulties to offer the most suitable treatment options for each individual patient. Only after careful examination of the patient’s case and clinical needs, our laser specialist team will determine the most suitable treatment option.

We invite you to visit Auckland Eye and experience our commitment to helping you to achieve freedom in your vision with laser eye surgery. See for yourself why our patients turn to us for the best eye care treatment available in New Zealand.

To book your free initial consultation (worth $500), call 0800 63 93 93.

Auckland Eye Auckland Eye Monday, 17 Jun 2019

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