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Do you qualify for your dream job?

There are many career types that rely greatly on their vision. Striving to achieve your professional aspirations is all about staying focused. However, sometimes pursuing your dream career can sometimes entail more than skills, perseverance and industry knowledge. To secure your dream job, it is important to consider that some careers have strict health and fitness standards, which requires you to meet specific vision standards. Read on to find out how your eyesight can affect your career in six different occupations and how you can benefit from laser eye surgery to increase your chances of professional success.

Police force

Unsurprisingly, to ensure you can safely and effectively perform an operational policing role, depth perception and peripheral vision are paramount. This includes not placing members of the public at undue risk as a result of incidents where the officer loses any visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. The failure of a police officer to distinguish whether an individual is holding a gun (or a non-threatening object) in a variety of different lighting conditions can mean the difference of life or death in many cases, which is why police officers are increasingly taking advantage of laser eye surgery to achieve improved vision.


If you were considering a career in the fire-brigade, you probably already knew that you would have to stay in great physical shape in order to save lives, but you probably didn’t envision your eyesight would ever hinder your chances of becoming a firefighter. Poor or average eyesight can become a hindrance when considering the hazardous conditions that fire-fighters are faced with on a daily basis. Navigating smoke, flames, water and darkness and other environmental factors impels the need for laser eye surgery to achieve distance vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses when working in often extreme environmental conditions.


Paramedics and many other healthcare providers can’t succeed on the job without good vision. Having good vision can be a matter of life or death for healthcare providers and those employed by emergency services. Often having to navigate through traffic to save lives and/or performing life-changing surgery, especially microsurgery, requires steady vision as much as a steady hand. From visually monitoring patients, checking pupils, reading medication labels and adjusting gauges and other controls on medical equipment are some of the few everyday tasks of the role that requires accurate vision. Such professionals can certainly benefit from laser eye surgery, which can change the way you operate in your role forever.

Commercial Airline Pilots

Since many people put the trust of their lives in the hands of commercial airline pilots when they fly, it is important that a pilot is healthy and fit. Since vision is the most important sense pilots’ possess to keep their passengers safe,  there are very strict eye vision requirements to become a pilot. Pilots need excellent vision not only to see air traffic and hazards aloft and on the ground but also to read instruments, maps, charts and perform a variety of other important visual tasks in the cockpit.


While the previously mentioned careers have specific strict vision requirements, creatives in the design industry can also greatly benefit from laser eye surgery. Fashion designers, interior designers, graphic designers, photographers, 3D artists, tailors and other visual-medium designers rely a great deal on their eyes to create their visually aesthetic products for their clients. If you are considering a career path in design, it is important to note that poor vision in this industry can impede your ability to see finer details in your work and can make it difficult to distinguish colour, composition features or depth.

Construction Workers

Although perfect vision is not usually specified in the application criteria for construction workers, laser eye surgery is rapidly rising in popularity among construction and tradesmen. Wearing glasses or contact lenses while working building infrastructure can create many potentially hazardous challenges on the construction site.  Firstly, wearing prescription glasses underneath the regulation safety protective eyewear can be awkward to work with. Additionally, wearing contact lenses can create a host of associated complications since dust and dirt are realities of the construction environment; making laser eye surgery a favourable solution to individuals working in this trade.

Don’t lose sight of your career and aspirations by struggling with your visual problem. Opting for laser eye surgery to correct your eyesight can provide you with the freedom of clear vision to excel in your professional life. If you’ve been considering laser eye surgery for a while to improve your job performance or meet an occupational requirement, find out if you are a suitable candidate and book a free laser assessment consultation by following the link

Career Friday, 16 Mar 2018

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