General FAQ's

  • Comfortable clothes
  • All your regular medication including inhalers and eye drops, if these have been prescribed for you
  • No make up is to be worn on the day of surgery
  • Clean pyjamas for children 12 years and under

No, you will need a responsible adult driver to drive for you on the day of surgery. Children should be accompanied by two adults after a general anaesthetic.

You will be provided with an estimated cost of your surgery which will need to be paid prior to your surgery taking place.  Payment can be made either by direct credit at least three days before your surgery, or alternatively by credit card, EFTPOS, or bank cheque upon arrival on the day of surgery.

If paying by direct credit please contact us for our bank account details and your payment reference number.

If you have medical insurance and prior approval there will be no fees to pay on the day of surgery, other than any excess or patient portion.

A final invoice will be issued to you after your surgery which will detail the actual cost of your surgery.  Any outstanding fees or refunds will be processed at this stage.

Please be aware that you might receive an invoice from your anaesthetist for certain procedures. Please check with our booking staff if unsure.

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