New Year's Eye Resolutions | 2020

Published by Auckland Eye on Thursday, 09 Jan 2020

New Year's Eye Resolutions

1. I am not going to rub my eyes as this can lead to corneal abrasions.

2. Every 20 minutes I am going to look 20 metres away, for 20 seconds, to give my eyes a break from the computer.

3. I am going to have regular eye tests (every 5 years from 40, every 3 years from 50 and 2 yearly from age 60)

4. I am going to use eye makeup wipes to make sure I get all of my mascara off so it doesn't build up and lead to an infection.

5. I am going to make a conscious effort to take complete blinks (you will know if you are as you will feel your eye lids touching)

6. I am going to exercise not only for my physical well being but also for my eye health!

7. I am going to drink plenty of water.

8. I am going to make sure my diet consists of leafy green vegetables so I am getting  Lutein and Zeaxanthin  (antioxidants that are stored in the macular)

9. Always wear my sunglasses outdoors, even when its cloudy.

10. Finally consider laser eye surgery - don't put it off for another year.

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