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Eye ConditionsEye ConditionsFriday, 13 Oct 2023

What happens during cataract surgery?

What you need to know about preparation, surgery and recovery

Eye Fun FactsFriday, 15 Sep 2023

7 reasons your pupils change size

Your pupils control the light coming into your eyes and can change size. Here are some common reasons – and if you should be worried.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsMonday, 28 Aug 2023

8 signs of vision problems in children

Suspect that your child may have an eyesight problem? Here are some of the signs that show they could be struggling.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsWednesday, 13 Jul 2022

Tips for maintaining good eye health

Your eyes play a crucial role in how you enjoy your life, therefore it’s important to keep your eyes healthy and your vision at its best.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsThursday, 9 Jan 2020

New Year’s Eye Resolutions | 2020

My new year's eye resolutions are...

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsFriday, 22 Nov 2019

Dry Eye | Meibomian Glands

Surekha Parag, our Dry Eye Optometrist, is reviewing meibomian gland images that have been captured on Auckland Eye’s LipiView® machine.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsWednesday, 30 Oct 2019

Eye concerns from exposure to smoke

Auckland Eye whishes to remind everyone of fire safety and eye conditions that may be caused caused or aggravated by the lingering smoke hazard.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsFriday, 6 Sep 2019

Drink Inspiration for Healthy Eyes!

We have collated a list of other drinks that will provide you with the best nutrients for eye health

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsMonday, 2 Sep 2019

Meal Inspiration

To sustain good eyesight we need to be eating the right foods.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsFriday, 16 Aug 2019

How to protect your eyes this winter

Winter can leave our eyes feeling dry and itchy however, there are many ways that you can combat the winter weather to protect your eyes.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsFriday, 14 Jun 2019

Winter Eye Health

Cold Weather Woes: 6 Ways Winter Can Affect Your Eyes


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