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CataractsMonday, 29 Oct 2018

Signs of Cataracts in Your Loved Ones

Cataracts are a cloudy or opaque area on the crystalline lens of the eye that develops over time. Despite being one of the most common eye conditions.

CataractsMonday, 30 Jul 2018

Cataract Patient Story: A letter to Auckland Eye

Hi, my name is Caroline. I’m a mother and grandmother in my early sixties. I am semi-retired; however, I do a bit of work in front of a computer

CataractsTuesday, 24 Jul 2018

What to expect with cataract surgery

A cataract is a clouding of the lens inside the eye which restricts light from passing through the eye and reaching the retina.

CataractsThursday, 28 Jun 2018

Restored Vision: Cataract Patient Story

Cheryl is 78-year-old retired school teacher, a mother of three daughters and has four grandchildren.

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