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It’s springtime! The sun’s beginning to shine through, flowers are coming into bloom, everyone seems happier, but then our allergies kick in and make us miserable – to combat this we have made a list of 4 ways to help against springtime allergy hassles.

Medicated Eyedrops.
Itchiness, redness, and puffiness can often be helped by using antihistamine eye drops- if you consult your GP, pharmacist or optician they can advise which medicated eye drops will be best for you to fully enjoy what spring has to offer.

Limit the use of contact lenses.
While contacts do not cause allergens, if our eyes are already irritated, having to put something in our eye will often make it worse. For the first couple of weeks of spring, try not wearing your contact lenses – if you do have to wear them remember to keep up hand hygiene as allergens can be transferred from our skin to eyes.

Maintain a healthy diet.
Although it is always important to maintain a healthy diet full of Vitamin C, A, and Omega 3 fatty acids, in spring our eyes can be under more stress and discomfort- making sure we are doing all we can to nourish our eyes  starts from within. Remember to keep up the intake of fish, leafy greens and vegetables to help.

Cold compress
If you have itchiness, redness or puffiness in your eye area as well as keeping up the use of your medicated eye drops, a way to get immediate relief can often be to use a soft, cold cloth and place this over your eyes. For a more in-depth cold therapy, try putting the cloth in the fridge for 10-15 minutes, as this can often make the cloth colder and thus can often have a greater effect.

Time to book your laser eye surgery consultation?

Dealing with allergies when wearing glasses or contacts can be difficult. It may be time to consider laser eye surgery as an option for long term vision correction. Spring is a great time for spring cleaning (which generates dust particles!) and working through our ‘to-do’ list before summer arrives.

Consider putting ‘better vision’ on your list-  book your free initial laser consultation by calling us on 0800 639393.

We look forward to welcoming you this spring!

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