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After the unexpected discovery of advanced cataracts in both eyes earlier this year, Linda Wyatt came to Auckland Eye for cataract surgery (lens replacement surgery) with Dr David Pentergrast in May. Now that Linda has had both her eyes done and has enjoyed life with clear vision for just over a month, we decided to get in touch to ask her about her experience with us and how she found the surgery and recovery process. To find out more about Linda’s cataract surgery patient story, read on…


When did you start to notice a change in your vision?

“At the beginning of last summer, I noticed that I was living in a fog when going out walking sometimes. In the early stages, I subconsciously blamed the sun for this and at about the same time the TV appeared a bit different, but I put that down to being an old TV, the sun shining on the screen and the angle we had it on at the time. However, one night when my granddaughter pointed out to me that I needed glasses after I thought the moon looked magnificent one night (when really it was nothing special to everyone else!), I thought it might be a good time to go in for another eye exam just in case.”

What Made You Decide to Have Cataract Surgery?

“During my previous eye exam I was given the ‘all clear’ since nothing showed up in the tests. So when I decided to have another eye exam a year and a half later, I was pretty shocked to find out that I cataracts in both eyes!”

After the discovery of cataracts, Linda was told that soon she would not be able to drive due to the extent of her cataracts. As an immediate solution, Linda was given glasses to help temporarily restore her vision. Because it was expected that the cataracts would worsen over time, Linda was made aware that eventually a point will be reached where even with new eyeglasses, her vision will no longer be very clear. Therefore, although the glasses provided an immediate improvement to her vision, only after two weeks of wearing them she made the decision to go ahead with the surgery to prevent her vision from deteriorating further.

“Only 2 weeks after wearing them, I decided that wearing glasses all the time wasn’t for me and therefore I decided to have my cataracts removed at Auckland Eye with Dr David Pendergrast. Once I had made the decision to go through with the surgery, I wanted to get it out of the way as soon as possible, so I had my first lens replacement surgery on Wednesday the 17th of April and my second done a few weeks later in May.”

How was the Surgery and Recovery Process?

“I had been in a few private hospitals in Auckland, but to be honest, Auckland Eye was the first one that made me feel special, not just a number on the theatre list. From when the I was first greeted at by the receptionists at the front desk staff, to the wonderful surgical staff and surgeon who took away my worries, I felt like I was in safe hands. Although I was a little bit nervous before the first surgery, Dr Pendergrast talked me through the whole procedure and told me what he was doing during the surgery, which was very reassuring and  put me at ease.

I couldn’t believe how quick the procedure was and it was all over before I knew it! No pain at all during or after the surgery and I experienced no sensitivity at all. My eyes healed so quickly that the day after surgery you wouldn’t have known that I had the surgery the day prior. Most importantly, now that I have had my second eye done, I feel like my life is back on track!”

Linda and her husband the day after her first cataract surgery

How was your Patient Experience?

“Overall, my patient experience at Auckland Eye far exceeded my expectations and I can’t get over how lovely the Auckland Eye staff are — they made me feel special and listened to, which is why I will be recommending Auckland Eye to my friends and family. For anyone who is needing this procedure done, I would tell them not to worry, it isn’t a painful procedure and after it’s all done, life is great!”

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