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Thank you to the mother of one of our younger Auckland Eye patients for sharing their experience with us:

Our two little girls have always been healthy and we haven’t had any concerns about their eyesight, until we started noticing our youngest daughter displaying some unusual behaviour. When watching TV, she would always get up from her seat and stand right up close to it. After seeing her do this a number of times, we decided that it was a good idea to get her vision checked.

We booked an appointment with Dr Yvonne Ng from Auckland Eye. When we came to the clinic, we were greeted at reception and then asked to take a seat in the waiting area that was right by a fantastic play area for the children. Shortly afterwards, we were taken to see an Orthoptist who did some preliminary eyesight checks.  Our daughter was very comfortable with the situation as the tests included looking at various toys, cards and wearing fun looking glasses. At this point, it was already becoming clear that our daughter’s eyesight was in fact very good, so my worries began to lessen.

We were then told that before the Doctor was able to check her further we needed to place some special drops in her eyes. This is the part I was nervous about, as I know that my daughter can be very vocal when she doesn’t fully understand a situation, and could potentially scream the house down!  It wasn’t a problem at all though, as the Orthoptist had plenty of experience working with young children and with a calm, reassuring approach from us all (including our eldest daughter who is much more brave) she didn’t make a sound at all.

We were then asked to sit in the waiting area again whilst we waited for the drops to work. Our daughter was very happy entertaining herself in the play area until it was time to go and see Dr Yvonne Ng. I was very impressed with how engaging and efficient Dr Ng was. Without my daughter even realising she was undergoing any sort of testing Dr Ng was able to ensure that she did everything that was necessary, so her eyes could be checked properly. This included using a number of cool toys, so my daughter seemed very calm and interested in what was happening.

At the end of our appointment Dr Ng told me that our daughter had no vision problems and in fact had the normal prescription for her age which was +1. I found this incredibly interesting, as I didn’t realise that it is very normal for babies to be born with slightly far sighted vision that naturally corrects as they grow older. At this point I felt very relieved and I was told that it is a normal habit for some toddlers to stand close to the TV and it wasn’t due to any underlying issues with my daughter’s eyesight.

I was so very grateful to Auckland Eye staff for making the experience so easy and pleasant. Thank you so much for checking my daughter and delivering good news!

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