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Auckland EyeAuckland EyeTuesday, 22 Oct 2019

What is the most advanced laser eye treatment available?

Of course, Laser Eye Surgery is a big decision and its understandable to only want to receive the best and most advanced treatment on the market.

Eye SurgeryFriday, 25 Jan 2019

10 Reasons to Get Laser Eye Surgery this Summer

Are you dealing with vision problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism? then consider laser eye surgery.

Eye Health TipsEye Health TipsWednesday, 12 Dec 2018

10 Eye-Friendly Christmas Gifts

There is no denying that some people are hard to shop for! That is why a gift of vision is a perfect present to give anyone on your list.

CareerFriday, 16 Mar 2018

Your Career and Your Eye-Sight

There are many career types that rely greatly on their vision. Striving to achieve your professional aspirations is all about staying focused.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeThursday, 24 Aug 2017

Would our Eye Surgeons undergo Laser Vision Correction themselves?

You might be surprised at how often Auckland Eye Ophthalmologists are asked if they would have laser vision correction themselves.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeThursday, 28 Jul 2016

SMILE laser eye surgery: a surgeon’s perspective

We conducted an interview with one of our highly specialised refracted surgeons Dr Sue Ormonde.

Auckland EyeAuckland EyeThursday, 28 Jul 2016

Would refractive eye surgeons have laser eye surgery themselves?

Our doctors are often asked if they would have laser eye surgery themselves. Here is an interesting article on a study that was done in United States

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